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IEBC to meet today to discuss the issue surrounding mandera north alleged illegal voter transfers

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission IEBC is this afternoon expected to meet and discuss the issue of Mandera north voter transfer.

Yesterday a section of Mandera residents had a peaceful demonstration here in Nairobi saying that North eastern region IEBC commissioner is responsible for ICT manipulation.

They said that about 16,000 voters have been transferred from their polling centers without their knowledge the move they term to be in favor of the commissioner’s cousin vying for the parliamentary seat in Mandera North.

The residents also complained of the commissioners meeting with some political aspirants during odd hours in several hotels.

IEBC is expected to give way forward today concerning the residents complains.


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  1. Guliye is not eligible to conduct this election because we know the plans him,outgoing governor and mandera north aspirant having been meeting several occasions to discuss how to rig this election in favor of the outgoing governor and mandera north

  2. It’s good to listen to them as Mandera County has experienced clan clashes and I know it will create more gun battles if not corrected in time. Wheather 16k or even 1k that can create more animosity and make me if IEBC will not rectify then it’s a recipie for armed conflict.

  3. we as manderian we are not satisfied with IEBC co.leaders for giving an opportunity to such an irresponsible mongrel to interfere with our vortes we condem Guliye .let him be sacked otherwise or face the law

  4. IEBC Should listen to parties concerned and amicably resolve this. Mandera is a conflict zone and we argue iebc to move fast to restore confidence.

  5. Why post a comissioner from North East to the same area? Maybe my advise would be to change the involved commissioner to a neutral one. We love Kenya.

  6. Kindly rectify that as it might create conflict in Mandera North. Also consider changing the said commissioner to bring about stability in the North East. We will be keen as key stakeholders to see a credible elections.

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