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IEBC gives voting procedures ahead of the tuesday polls

  • STEP 1

The voter places their finger on the KIEMS fingerprint scanner

  • STEP 2

KIEMS will the identify the voter by retrieving the image and details

  • STEP 3

Once identified, the clerks will call out the name of the voter loudly

  • STEP 4

The voter proceeds to be issued with the ballots

The Independent Body incharge of elections IEBC has outlined procedures that will be followed during the Tuesday august 8th election.

According to the IEBCs Procedures,the voters will place their finger on the Kenya intergrated  Election Management System(KIEMS) for finger print scanning which will identify if one is a registered voter in the respective centre.

During identification the voters image will be and details will be displayed on the System.The one will proceed to be issued with ballot papers.

IEBC has adviced the clerks to try atleast three times to identify the voter if the system doesn’t recognize him/her for the first time.

In the event that the system cannot identify the voter completel the clerk will be required to search the names of the voter using his/her ID card.But political party agents will be required to witness the searching.

The Commissions Chief Executive Officer Ezra Chiloba in his statement to Newsrooms said that voters must ensure that all the ballot papers are stamped alse they will be categorized as spoilt votes.






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